Marine Life? Think Marine Longevity:
Helix Mooring Anchors Secure Marine Equipment & Ecosystems Worldwide

As you step foot onto a marine vessel to set out on an excursion in your pleasure boat or yacht, what do you think of?

One thing’s for certain – it’s not likely you’re thinking about the anchor.

Below the water’s surface however, anchors secure some of the most expensive marine investments out there, so it’s crucial to know your property is secure and protected by a product that lasts.

This is where Helix Mooring System’s helical anchors come in. Whether you’re working with commercial vessels, day sailers, aquaculture equipment, or floating docks and walkways, Helix Mooring’s helical anchors – available for all sizes and requirements – are able to provide flexible solutions for your marine activities.

What’s the Helix difference?

Helix anchors are a completely different level apart from traditional mushroom, deadweight, and pile anchors, all of which heavily impact the ecosystems they’re placed in. Helix anchors have little impact on sensitive ecosystems and allow marine life in the areas where these anchors are placed to carry on undisturbed. And that is just one of many benefits associated with choosing a Helix anchor.

Another benefit to the Helix anchor is no drag – which also factors into the environmental equation. Drag is where boaters might throw out one of the traditional anchoring options, but the anchor doesn’t grab hold where it lands, so as the boat moves, the anchor drags until it finds better holding. Translation: not secure. Helix anchors don’t have a problem with drag; once they are installed they are set, and will not move unless you decide to remove them. No drag means shorter scope requirements, which harbormasters appreciate as it maximizes the number of boats the harbor can house, and translates to increased revenue for the harbor.

Made in the USA with a solid-forged eye, solid steel shafts, and a hot-dipped galvanized coating, Helix anchors are made to withstand the elements. When sized properly Helix anchors offer stability even in variable wind conditions and provide steadfast holding that doesn’t need to be upgraded or reinstalled after the initial installation process, giving you more time to do what needs to be done on the water or in the office.

So the next time you find yourself on a boat or securing aquaculture equipment, stop and think about the anchor – the unsung hero – and the safety and security it affords your work and recreation investments. Whether you’re on the ocean or in a cove or stream, Helix Mooring anchors can provide you the support and security for all your maritime equipment, no matter what the season.