Round Shaft Anchors to Secure All Your Boating and Water Recreation Investments

Our round shaft moorings provide impressive holding power, shorter scope requirements (no drag), simple self-installation, and stability – even in variable wind conditions. Helix Moorings have a notably small environmental impact when compared to traditional mushroom, deadweight, and pile anchors, making them the most valued anchor for moorings in sensitive ecosystems around the globe.

All models have a solid forged eye to provide a secure connection point for mooring gear and systems. Our anchors are made in the USA with solid steel shafts and a hot-dipped galvanized coating.

Potential uses for Helix Round Shaft Anchors:

  • Boat moorings
  • Floating docks
  • Aquaculture equipment
  • Walkways
  • And more!

Helix Round Shaft Anchor Specifications & Holding Guidelines

Model # Price Helical Disk Dimensions (inches) Shaft Diameter (inches) Shaft Length (inches) Soil/Bottom Condition Approximate Break-out Force DIY?
H0454 $115 4" 3/4" 54" Firm Sand Clay Mix 800 lbs.


H0648 $129 6" 3/4" 48" Firm Sand Clay Mix 1500 lbs. yes
H0666 $144 6" 3/4" 66" Firm Sand Clay Mix 1800 lbs. yes
H0848 $179 8" 1" 48" Firm Sand Clay Mix 2500 lbs. yes
H0866 $237 8" 1" 66" Firm Sand Clay Mix 3000 lbs. yes
H1066  $275 10" 1 1/4" 66" Firm Sand Clay Mix  3500 lbs. 


* = Each site condition is different. The above chart assumes that an installation site has firm soils that are install-friendly.
Please read the Savvy Anchoring Criteria.

Savvy Anchoring Criteria

  • Softer soils provide less holding, so buyers should up-size their anchor selection if they plan to install the anchor in softer soils.
  • The holding guidelines provided are based on actual load tests conducted to measure break-out forces. They are intended to help you select the proper model for your intended application based on soil quality and site conditions.
  • Boat design, harbor, weather conditions, and soil type are also factors that you should assess when selecting an anchor model. We encourage you to consider soil, exposure, and worst-case weather scenarios when you select your round shaft anchor model.
  • Helix Mooring Systems Inc. assumes no responsibility for property damage or personal injury related to the model selection or the use of round shaft anchors.

Can I install it myself?

Yes, you can – DIY installation is an easy process. We recommend you use a large pipe wrench and/or turning bar to gain leverage.

  • Place pipe wrench around anchor shaft and begin screwing mooring anchor into the soil. A turning bar will provide more leverage as resistance builds –– See Figure 1
  • Screw the mooring anchor into the soil until the forged eye is at or just below the soil surface. It is very important that only the forged eye is visible above ground – this indicates that the anchor has been fully installed –– See Figure 2
  • Attach your mooring chain and other equipment as needed and voila! You’re done!