Our square shaft anchors (1 1/2” & 1 3/4”) derive their holding from the soils into which they are screwed. The Square Shaft anchors are installed with the aid of hydraulics to screw the anchor through resisting soils. These anchors have been repeatedly tested by nature and tugboats with load measuring equipment.

The chart below shows the results of the first test performed in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts under the guidance of area harbormasters, a marine industry reporter and a representative of Boat/US. These results are typical of all load tests performed.


Our medium-load marine anchor (SS5, 1 1/2”) and high load marine anchor (SS175, 1 3/4”) are both solid built on a solid square shaft, protected with hot dipped galvanizing. A termination is included with an appropriate size shackle that encircles the shaft and connects to the anchor rode (Elastic rode, chain, rope, etc). The mass of steel in our shafts is second to none when compared to with the steel of a mushroom anchor or the staple of a deadweight block. There is no comparison!!
The Helix Mooring anchor will not drag along the harbor bottom. Because of this, these anchors are the best anchor solution for environmentally sensitive areas and have been recommended by state agencies and scuba diving companies across the world.